Dells Lumberjack Show

“A Top Rated Wisconsin Dells Attraction” – Trip Adviser Certificate of Excellence Recipient 2013-2018

Fun For All Ages

Our lumberjack events appeal to sports and action enthusiasts of all ages. To top it off we add in a few jokes for the kids as well as some veiled humor geared towards adults. There is fun crowd interaction throughout the entire show, including a post-show meet and greet with the jacks.

Shows Rain or Shine

Our covered grandstand ensures that you will stay dry, shaded, and comfortable during any type weather. Also, our jacks are tough, so shows will only be canceled in the case of severe weather which is deemed dangerous for the crowd or our lumberjacks.

World Class Athletes

Our show director Cassidy Scheer is a 10 time world champion speed climber. He only hires top athletes and then trains them to a world class level. Our jacks regularly compete at the Stihl Timbersports Series, Lumberjack World Championships, and U.S. Open Logrolling tour.

Real Lumberjack Competition

All of our show events are a modern day, competitive depiction of old time lumberjack workaday skills. You’ll see logrolling, speed climbing, and the chopping and sawing of logs with highly tuned axes and saws, all at a very competitive level.

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Competition Events

Two teams of competitive lumberjack athletes will compete in 14 events, all of which were derived from old time workaday lumberjack skills. Events include, chopping, sawing, axe-throwing, speed climbing, logrolling, modified chainsaw racing, and more!
Fun for the Kids! At our 4:00 pm shows, kids have the opportunity to be right on stage with the lumberjacks and learn the skills of cross-cut sawing with the lumberjacks! A memory building tradition of the Dell Lumberjack Show.

Canoe Jousting

Fighting wasn't allowed in logging camps. Instead, lumberjacks jumped into canoes and battered each other with mackinaw wrapped sticks. Last team standing wins!

Standing Block Chop

This mimics the felling of a tree with an axe. The lumberjacks will chop halfway through a vertically mounted log, then will turn and finish the cut from the opposite side.

Axe Throw

In order to pass the time on their day off, lumberjacks would throw axes at an upturned stump. Wagering for money or the designation of who would clean the outhouses was common. Don't miss!

Crosscut Sawing

A team of two lumberjacks push and pull a traditional peg and raker saw through a log. Crosscut saws were used for most tree-felling and bucking purposes in the old time logging camps.


Spring Board Chop

Lumberjacks insert a springboard plank into notches in a tree, ascend it, and then fell it with an axe. This is the most technical, tiring, and dangerous of the chopping events.

Obstacle Pole

This event is a relay of basic logging tool skills and requires dexterity and agility. Lumberjacks must roll and set a log with a canthook, cut a cookie with a chainsaw, and set a choker cable.

Hot Saw

The lumberjacks cut three cookies as fast as they can using Stihl MS 660 stock saws that have been modified to cut at a much higher rpm. Fast hands and proper application of pressure on the saw are a must.

Log Roll

Two jacks roll, spin, and bob a cedar log in the water, trying to knock the other jack in. All around athleticism, balance, speed, and concentration make a good logroller.

Chainsaw Carve

One of our jacks will demonstrate their artistic side using a chainsaw and piece of wood. Shenanigans may or may not ensue. It's a fun event with an unexpected and sometimes funny outcome.

Boom Run

Log booms are a chain of logs used to corral wood at a sawmill holding pond. In the boom run the jacks race from one end to the other hoping not to fall in. Whoever gets the most logs wins.

Speed Climb

Using the same gear as a utility lineman, our jacks will climb a 50 foot spar pole up and down as fast as they can. This event is the most dangerous, daring, and exhilarating of all lumberjack events.

West Coast Choker Race

On the west coast they cut big timber in treacherous terrain. This race is a relay of skills the choker setter would use in his daily work routine. The highlight is running across a spinning log with an 80 lb. choker in hand.


We finish off the show with a relay of 4 events in rapid succession. This is a grueling event for the jacks as they have to climb, chop, and saw in rapid succession.  

Dells Lumberjack Show

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