Lumberjack Show Events

Lumberjack show events are performed by professional lumberjacks, medalists and athletes. Watch the lumberjacks chopping, cross-cut sawing, speed climbing, log rolling, throwing axes, canoe jousting, and boom running – 12 events in all!
Fun for the Kids! At our 2:00 pm shows, kids have the opportunity to be right on stage with the lumberjacks and learn the skills of cross-cut sawing with the lumberjacks! A memory building tradition of the Dell Lumberjack Show.
Canoe Jousting

Canoe Jousting requires balance and coordination and spectators find the joy of the contest is all about the sweet expectation that comes with knowing someone is going for an involuntary swim, and they’re going to go down laughing.

The last team standing the wins!

Standing Block Chop

Competitors race to chop through a vertically upheld log using a single-bit axe, first chopping the front half then turning the log to finish chopping through the back. This physically exhausting challenge requires precision and stamina in order to finish first.

The standing block chop represents felling trees before lumberjacks began using crosscut saws to help expedite the process.

Axe Throw

This event was originally a favorite past time of lumberjacks in the camps and was used to settle who did the odd jobs around camp that nobody liked doing (like cleaning the ox barn or outhouse).

Competitors attempt to throw an axe at a target, aiming to get as close to the bulls-eye as possible. Each ring of the target is worth a set number of points and this event is scored based on the value of the outer most ring the axe is touching.

Crosscut Sawing

A sawing team, rivaled against their opponents, compete to see who can cut completely through a log using a double-handled saw! Teamwork and strength are key in this event.

Crosscut saws were originally used for bucking felled trees into manageable lengths (cutting trees into logs); lumberjacks eventually used this, along with an axe, to fell the trees, chopping off a significant amount of time to perform the task (pun intended)!

Spring Board Chop

A spectacular event, and possibly one of the most dangerous! Balancing on notched springboards staggered up the pole, athletes must race up their tree being the first to chop off the block at the top!

Lumberjacks use springboards to get above the tough base of a tree to softer wood meaning they have a significantly less amount of wood to cut in the long haul.

Obstacle Pole

This event demonstrates the different skills that a lumberjack is required to perform on a day to day basis. The rolling/turning of a log with a cant hook. The speed and agility to climb a freshly fallen tree at an incline, and cut the end off with a chainsaw. Then quick hands to wrap a choker around the log to be skid from the woods. Athletes must have a great deal of speed and agility.

Hot Saw

Hot saws are custom chainsaws with modified engines used exclusively for races in competitive lumberjack events. Competitors begin with this saw turned off and resting on the ground; when time starts they quickly start the hot saw and fluidly sever three pieces of a wooden block in a matter of seconds! They are so quick that if you blink you may just miss this entire event.

Chainsaw Carve

Just a fun event to help break up the competition a little bit, this is a quick and witty way of turning a block of wood into something that appeals to all.

Chainsaws revolutionized the logging industry allowing lumberjacks to cut twice as many trees in a day than what they could do with just an axe and a saw.

Speed Climb

Daredevils in the sky! Athletes ascend a 50 foot pole as fast as they can, then come barreling back down to ground level at a breathtaking speed!

Boom Run

A series of logs tied end to end floating in the pond. See who's the quickest to run across this series of spinning and bobbing logs.

Log Roll

A favorite among spectators and one of the most difficult skills to master! Standing atop a spinning log, trying to keep their balance, and without crossing the center line, competitors aim to put their opponent in the drink! Whichever athlete manages to survive 2 of 3 birling attempts wins!

Birling is reminiscent of the bravest lumberjacks referred to as "log drivers" who rode and drove the logs down strong river currents from the forests to the sawmills.


A fast paced event of climbing, chopping, boom running, and sawing to see which team best represents the "Dells Lumberjack Show!"