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    Cassidy Scheer
    BEST EVENT: Speed Climb
    FAVORITE EVENT: Canoe Joust
    HOMETOWN: Hayward, WI

    Cassidy has been competing professionally in lumberjack sports for over 18 years, winning 4 world titles in speed climbing and 10 medals at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games and Stihl Timbersports Series. He is currently ranked 3rd in the world in speed climbing. Cassidy's extended family is very active in lumberjack sports and has a combined 30 world titles. Cassidy's father Fred is the founder and owner of the Scheer's Lumberjack Show in Hayward and Minocqua, Wisconsin. In his spare time he enjoys steelhead fishing and bike rides with his wife Nicole.

    Ryan Pawlish
    BEST EVENT: Underhand Chop
    FAVORITE EVENT: Standing Block Chop
    HOMETOWN: Reedsburg, WI

    Ryan is quickly becoming one of the best choppers in the lumberjack show. He routinely wins the underhand, and is getting good at the standing block and springboard. As a lifelong golfer, power and accuracy with the axe came naturally to him. The Boom Run is not coming so natural to him though. Watching Ryan run the boom is one of the funniest parts of every lumberjack show!

    Willy “Jean-Claude Van Damme” Vandenlangenburg
    BEST EVENT: Speed Climb
    FAVORITE EVENT: Underhand Chop
    HOMETOWN: Wisconsin Dells, WI

    This hometown boy is quickly becoming a hometown hero in the lumberjacking department. Despite only being in his sophomore season, he is already proficient in all lumberjack disciplines. He is especially good at the speed climb - placing 8th at last year's lumberjack world championships. Pound for pound he might be the shows best chopper as well. Athletics come naturally to Willy. He is a state qualifier in wrestling and the starting running back on his high school football team.

    Cody Kraeplin
    BEST EVENT: Underhand Chop
    HOMETOWN: Reedsburg, WI

    Cody is excelling in his second full year of lumberjacking and is a crowd favorite because of his humorous demeanor. Cody is a strong chopper and axe thrower, but is best known as our resident "chainsaw magician". He is so skilled with his cuts that one could be convinced that the chainsaw is a cybernetic implant permanently connected to his hand. In his spare time Cody enjoys trekking and drawing.

    Evan Armour
    BEST EVENT: Standing Block Chop
    FAVORITE EVENT: Standing Block Chop
    HOMETOWN: Luck, WI

    Evan is our power chopper of the group. When he winds up all 225 lbs. of muscle, he can really lay into the wood. In addition to going full "beast mode" with the chopping axe, he can turn on the charm and humor quite well in some of our comedy routines. In addition to lumberjacking, Evan is an outside linebacker on the University of Wisconsin - Platteville football team.

    Chase Flackey
    BEST EVENT: Logroll
    FAVORITE EVENT: Pole Climb
    HOMETOWN: Wisconsin Dells, WI

    Chase is certain to become a rising star in the lumberjack world. His strong athletic background in wrestling and pole vaulting have him on a very rapid skill progression. He could very well become an "ironjack (a lumberjack proficient in all skills) during his rookie season. This is a very notable accommplishment! In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing and trail riding.

    Chas Haas
    BEST EVENT: Standing Block Chop
    FAVORITE EVENT: Underhand Chop
    HOMETOWN: Sobieski, WI

    This rookie lumberjack is quickly becoming a feared axeman. His muscular frame, savage swing, and German heritage have earned him the well deserved nickname "Bavarian Barbarian". Chas is a well balanced athlete though, having completed four consecutive American Birkebeiners - a 51 kilometer cross country ski race. In his spare time Chas is an avid hunter and fisherman. Another notable fact is that Chas's great-grandfather was a lumberjack in one of the last Northern Wisconsin logging camps located near Birchwood, WI.

    Brian Stearns
    BEST EVENT: Boom Run
    HOMETOWN: Oconomowoc, WI

    Brian is our resident logrolling expert. He has been competing in the sport for over 10 years and is currently ranked 5th in the world by the International Logrolling Association. He is quickly becoming skilled at the axe throw and hot saw as well. In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding, traveling, and rocking out to some hot jams.

    Troy Ryan

    Troy is from the Wisconsin Dells and when not MC'ing the lumberjack show he teaches drivers education and coaches golf at the local high school. Showbiz is nothing new to Troy - he performed in and MC'ed at the Tommy Bartlett Show for numerous years.

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