We charge you for the whole seat, but keep you on the edge the entire time!

Join us for this one-of-a-kind, action-packed performance, perfect for lumberjacks and lumberjills of all ages!

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty brings a new brand of family entertainment to Wisconsin Dells with their Northwoods Lumberjack Show. Lumberjack sports are an age old tradition still popular today.

The Dells Lumberjack Show features events such as the Standing Block Chop, Axe Throw, Spring Board Chop, Obstacle Pole, Hot Saw, Log Roll, and many more performed by World Champion lumberjacks, medalists and athletes you have seen on ESPN’s Stihl Timbersports Series and Great Outdoor Games.

Covered Seating • Handicapped Accessible • Groups of All Sizes Welcome


Paul Bunyan's Restaurant